My name is Stuart and a very, very warm welcome to my website.  I should warn you: I’m a very positive person, but I wasn't always this way.  Certain things have happened to me in life - as with all of us - and I did a lot of work on myself in order to get to where I am now! 

Some things about me: I worked in corporations for 25 year years; I have lived abroad for many years; I love to learn; I have been an active charity fundraiser during my time; and I have authored a book about my life as a deaf child, and the miracle of having my hearing 'restored'.  You can read about my other initiaitve, The Cochlear Implant Coach, here.

After a childhood of what I would describe 'struggle', I later experienced feelings of inadequacy.  After being made redundant from a job early on in my career, I embarked on a period of self-discovery which, I believe, is a major contributor to how happy I am today.  I won’t lie – it took lots of work, but please do not be deterred because self-exploration will help you to get closer to where you are destined to be.

To be more precise, self-exploration will get you to get closer to who YOU are destined to be and not what others expect you to become.

Over the years, I have seen how, by giving people enough time and space, and in a non-judgemental environment is the best way not only to learn about them, but for them also to discover who they truly are.  It's only when we can be who we truly are that happiness prevails, that sought-after inner peace we often hear of.  I have seen it many times.

Whether you seek counselling or whether you think coaching is more for you, it is my job to pick up on what is missing, to challenge you and to help you get to where you wish to be.  If you are hesitant, please be assured that counselling and coaching are both incredibly powerful approaches in an ever changing world.  Ask yourself: what IS stopping me?  Why am I resisting this?

During my many years of working for high-profile firms, I saw first hand what demotivation and unhappiness can do to people. In the modern world, many of us struggle to find meaning and for issues of my very own I sought counselling.

In the beginning, it was tough. In my sessions, I was faced with discussing my reality.  As we worked our way through various issues that were all-pervading at that time, my therapist consistently challenged and reassured me:

It was okay to not be okay.

This period of time left me inspired, but not inspired to change just my life, but to also help others so they can also experience the same life-changing experience I had. I have experienced the power of both counselling and coaching first-hand.


After many years of study, I am now a:

The profession in which I now work is one of ever continuing professional development.  As such, I am currently in training to become a Clinical Supervisor with my training due to complete in Spring of 2024. 

With these skills and my international cross-cultural experience, I can support individuals and teams across a wide range of contexts.  The four distinct services that I offer are reflected in my logo and I see all of these services as not merely overlapping, but complimentary. The logo also acknowledges to rich diversity that therapists, coaches and supervisors work with. 

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


"Thank you for helping me through the last few months. Your sessions have always left me with new knowledge and approaches - there is always something to learn."

"It was one of the best investments I made into myself, and I could not recommend therapy - and Stuart - enough."

"I came away from my sessions with Stuart feeling lighter, having worked through some deep-seated issues...I feel that I now understand myself better, understand my triggers, and how to deal with them."

"Unravelling life events and discussing their impact in therapy helped me heal and come to terms with complex topics. I had several 'penny drop' moments, which were hard to take in the moment but helped me heal."

"Stuart would pick up on things and ask questions that prompted me to reframe my thinking. This helped me to look deeper within myself and to understand myself better."

"I was sceptical about whether therapy would work for me.  However, during that very first session, I knew that Stuart was different: very intuitive and a real expert in what he does."

"Stuart made me believe in myself again.  He is one of the most astute people I have ever met and he inspired me, even at my lowest ebb.  It’s not just about finding your purpose again with Stuart – he explains why (the science bits - should you want to hear them) and motivates me to learn more about who I am. His honesty, wisdom and attentiveness make him standout way ahead of any other therapist I’ve ever worked with.  I highly recommend his services."

“I started my sessions with Stuart during a time of deep bereavement.  At the time, I was completely lost in the world, with no clear grasp of how to navigate life further.  Little by little Stuart helped me find a new sense of identity, and to restructure my relationships to fit in my new world order.  We also expanded counselling to many other areas, and he competently helped me understand things rooted in a long gone past."


"Throughout our sessions, I was struck by Stuart’s ability to listen.  He was respectfully positive, and celebrated every little success.  He would often kindly encourage me to follow up on my words, challenging me to think differently.  I would look forward to this before every session."


"At the end of a sessions, I often felt energised and with a sense of direction. In the very least, there would be a couple of ideas of something I could do or go away and think about."


"Throughout my therapy, Stuart made me feel safe and, although walking alone is sometimes challenging, I can still almost hear his comments and encouragement.  Stuart has a great ability to retain information from earlier sessions, making him an exceptional listener.  I would highly recommend him as a counsellor - his positivity really is contagious!”

"I worked with Stuart for nearly two years and I instantly felt safe to be open with him. He provided a warm and non-judgemental space and we quickly built a rapport which provided an essential foundation for my own growth and development."

"His guidance and encouragement have been extremely supportive and our sessions always helped me to see problems, relationships, and myself in new ways."

"I valued the questions he asked and how he would shape the conversation so that I could get the most out of my counselling sessions with him. I will always be eternally grateful to Stuart for the refuge and consistency his sessions provided and the reflections they prompted outside of that space."  

"I had everything I needed to be happy - a great relationship, a great job, a loving family and lots of great friends. So why did I feel lonely? How did end up here?  I tried to make sense of it myself by reading self-help books, which confused me even more.  I needed someone to guide me through this, to help me ask the difficult questions I avoided asking myself."

"I must confess that, in the beginning, all that soul-searching and thinking was exhausting, but I knew that, although I was not there yet, that with the right guide by my side I will get there.  I felt safe with Stuart walking alongside me, guiding me, encouraging me, challenging me, and celebrating the baby steps I took in the right direction as well!  I now realise that if I get lost a little along the way, I know I can always go back and ask Stuart to walk with me for a little while until I’m back on track. Thank you, Stuart – you got me back on my path and I’m so grateful for that!"

"I found Stuart extremely approachable and easy to talk to. During my weeks with him I told him things that I haven’t told friends or family as I felt comfortable and safe with him.  Stuart has helped me work out some problems I was going through and I feel lighter and more positive as a result of our sessions. I can highly recommend him as a counsellor."

"I approached Stuart for counselling due to the break up of a relationship, which I was really struggling to coming to terms with. I started to feel the benefits early in the sessions - talking to Stuart really helped me to put things into perspective and I started to piece together the reasons why I repeatedly found myself forming relationships with people who had come from similar backgrounds.  I also discovered that I tended to form close relationships with people in the same way my role was defined in the family from a very young age.  I slowly began understanding myself and to learn who and why I am who I am, without blaming others or feeling such deep sense of abandonment. I felt supported by Stuart and able to grow and strengthen as an individual."