Regardless of your modality, setting up your private practice is the same for us all - there are regulatory, ethical and practical concerns to take into consideration.  Included in all options are a handy 'Setting Up In Business' checklist and a 'How To Price My Service' spreadsheet so you can run your business in a way that suits your lifestyle.


    Learn about the importance of RESEARCHING your business following by some BUSINESS BASICS.  There will also be guidance on the the therapeutic SPACE itself before moving onto ADMINistrative matters, including my top 20 tips.  There will also be some guidance on what to include in your CONTRACTS with clients together with some information on BOUNDARIES and how we can make sure we are mindful of adequate SELF CARE to avoid burning out.  There are also some suggestions on how to stay MOTIVATED together with an introduction to BRANDING your business.

    28 Day Online Access (£99)
    28 Day Online Access + 50 minute 1-2-1 session (£139)
    4 Hour Live Group Session on 25th February (£129)
    4 Hour Live Group Session on 27th May (£129)
    4 Hour Live Group Session on 16th September (£129)