What if I told you that, in order to get to a much happier place, you had to fail just three more times?  Coaching can help. 

By starting today, who knows where you could be in six months time?

Do you feel unfulfilled?  Or does the word ‘stuck’ resonate with you?  Many of us are struggling to find our place in a modern world that seems to operate at a speed where it feels like it is hard to keep up.  There is also an unspoken emphasis on needing to achieve, in order to be 'successful'. 

When I sought coaching for the first time, the thing that I discovered was less is more.  But I needed help to find out what I wanted more of and what I wanted less of.  If you’re not sure what you want from life, coaching is a viable option – it’s time to invest in yourself!

It might be that you have an idea of what you want, but don’t quite know how to quite get there.  What if I told you that, using a range of techniques, we can break down something that might seem insurmountable into something ultimately acheiveable?  

In our sessions, we start by getting an overall view of your currently life, focusing on some key areas you would like to implement, minimise, reinforce and improve – these exercises, which we will do together, encourage you to step back and discover who you truly are.  And where to go from here.  And while all change starts with you, you won't be alone: I’m there supporting you along the way. 

‘Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better’.

                         -Samuel Beckett, Poet

Life and career coaching

With the focus being on you as an individual, we can use a range of tools to explore your life and your aspirations so that you can feel empowered to act in order to achieve success.  Not someone else' success.  Your success. 

Team and business coaching

Our focus will be on how to improve organizational culture. This can be done on an individual basis or as a team.  Conflict resolution can help restore equilibrium within teams and I will help identify and address key issues.  

Executive coaching

It can be lonely at the top and, you too, also need a space where you can explore how to continue your own development which will cascade into success for both you and your business interests.


Stuart taught me to think differently – he taught me that coaching was a way of investing in myself. Largly because of our sessions, I’m now halfway through my Sports Degree and I’m now working towards a career in Sports journalism.  My goal is now so clear – all I needed was a bit of coaching.

Before learning about Stuart through a mutual colleague of ours, I didn’t realise how poor my self-awareness was.  Stuart was able to review my CV, point out real skills I had disregarded, and he also asked the right questions.  I wasn’t using – or marketing – any of my skills, but now, six months after our first session, I’m starting a new - and better - job soon.